Monday, 4 June 2012

A brief (for me!) introduction

I suppose this thing should start with some sort of introduction, right? I'll try not to bore you before I even get started. My name, or rather my alias, is Betty - if you're lucky enough to know my real name please have a cookie, otherwise go to the back of the queue ;)

I'm a 24 year old 'BBW' (that's 'big beautiful woman' - you'll see me use it a lot), living in scrumptious North London. I'm a full-time mature student studying BSc Social Policy & Youth Studies, so this blog is somewhat of an academic interest as well as personal.

I'm also what I call a hobbyist model - I do it because I enjoy it, not for monetary gain (though if someone wants to pay me, feel free). I quite often work with students and I am very lucky to have a few close friends who are also photographers/models. Anyway, I will go into more detail about this at a later date when I do a dedicated post on modelling.

You're probably wondering what this blog is about and why I've started it? Well, you might not be, but I'm going to tell you anyway. I plan to cover all things 'fatty' and have been asking my friends for feedback on what they'd like to read about - if you have a particular idea you'd like to see me cover, please feel free to comment and I'll follow it up.

I have recently begun to rediscover my confidence and once again feel comfortable in my own skin - a lot of things have helped this and a lot haven't, which is what I'd like to write about. One of the first things I will be covering is my views on a recent documentary, which spurred my 'need' to write and share my opinion with others - I would love it if you could comment, too, and we can start a debate about the subject. I am interested in your opinions as much as I am in sharing my own.

The main areas I will be trying to cover, as they are of most interest to me and also to my potential readers, are positive self image and prejudice/attitudes. As a newly confident BBW I have personal experience in both of these areas which I would like to share with you, as well as highlighting some other 'cases' and the views of others (bloggers, celebrities, etc). I would love to link in with other blogs, share guest entries and other such things, so if you are interested in forming some links please do get in touch!

Last but not least, I must give thanks to my good friend Lauren of ladyshambles for the awesomeness that is my blog layout. If you'd like to commission a layout from her (anything from just a header upwards), send her an e-mail at dearlauren@laurenfrench.com.

I'll leave the whole Gossip Girl style sign-off, for now... 

Image © Luci Alice Photography (Model: Big Fat Betty).


  1. Hiya love your blog, followed you here and on bloglovin' too xxx

    1. Hello :) thank you for your kind words. I've just checked out your blog and followed you too x

  2. Amazing picture, I love it.

    1. Thanks Cheriz, and thank you for all your comments :) its great to interact with people x