Saturday, 30 March 2013

But Why? (or Why Not!)

As much as I love the #psbloggers hashtag on Twitter, there are a couple of things that frustrate me - one of these is when people ask what's the point in it (not what it is, though personally I would've thought you could find that out by looking at it), why it is needed, why we now have our own weekly chat (#psbloggerschat), etc. I presume the vast majority of people reading this will know what #psbloggers is, but in case not, it's a hashtag for plus size bloggers (much like #bbloggers for beauty, #fbloggers for fashion, etc).

The first thing that springs to mind for me is...WHY NOT?! Why should I (or anyone else) have to explain it, justify it, give it reason, etc? This isn't a 'okay I'm interested in what this is all about, how it came into existence, etc' why, this is a 'I really don't think there's any need for this hashtag because of [insert reason here]' why.

This post is not an attack on any individual, group, or otherwise. Though, I do hope it may make people think about what they are asking in the future - I'm not saying that everyone will come to the same conclusion as me, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person that will feel that by asking such a question you are asking me to justify something close to my heart.

Image © Usernames Displayed (Capture of #psbloggers Hashtag on Instagram) | Everyone has their different reasons for using the #psbloggers hashtag - I'd like to say that the one constant is that we're all plus size or blogging about something plus size related, but I don't think that's actually the case...as with everything else it gets hijacked, which I won't go in to. The point I am making is that I can't speak for everyone, so I'm going to tell you about my personal reasons for using the #psbloggers hashtag and why it's important to me.

(If you are in the capture above and have an issue with this, please e-mail me at info@bigfatbetty.com and I will remove/alter the image).

) I am plus size, plain and simple. I am also a blogger and thus I am a #psblogger.

2) I blog about things relating to being plus size (fashion, modelling, media, discrimination, etc). My blog covers a multitude of topics therefore I am not purely a (plus size) fashion or lifestyle blogger - for me, #psbloggers encompasses everything that I do.

3) I want other plus size people to read my blog. This isn't to say that my blog is just for plus size people, but given its subject area I have to admit that this is my main target. Other plus size people are more likely to find my blog amongst non-plus size blogs by #psbloggers.

4) I do not feel that I would be accepted by other blogging communities. I have to admit that this may not be true and is not something that I have even investigated, but it is easier for me to avoid it than risk putting myself in a distressing situation. Equally, my blog may not be relevant/of interest to them and vice versa.

5) I want to read other blogs by plus size bloggers - I am not interested in non-plus size fashion, so with the #psbloggers hashtag I know I can find suitable material.

6) It is a community in its own right, being plus size is not necessarily the same as blogging about a specific thing/area. There are #psbloggers who don't always write posts that easily fit into another category, similar to myself. There are also a lot of #psbloggers who are fat activists, and again this doesn't really fit into any other blogging category.

I realise that I am somewhat contradicting myself by asking why I should have to explain and then doing so, but this is more of a venting slash self justification process for me. Writing it has given me some sort of grounding - maybe at some point I might start asking myself why, so this gives me something to refer to.

Writing this, along with recent comments from friends, has also made me think about why I blog - but that's another kettle of fish.


  1. You are spot on! I want to put in psbloggers and find out what OUR community has to offer/say. It just makes it easier. I do look at other blogs, but the first stop is always in the plus size blogosphere.

    1. I was worried that this post would go down like a lead balloon but I've had a few positive responses, so at least I know it's not just me ha ha! Yes, asides from the great community, I fail to see the point in looking elsewhere when it's plus size fashion etc that I'm interested in :)

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