Monday, 11 March 2013

How to be a Fat Bitch (#3)

I'm on a roll! Welcome to Homework #3 of The Nearsighted Owl's How to Be a Fat Bitch E-Course! (See Homework #2 and Homework #1). This week our homework is to "challenge yourself to wear something that you might have felt weary about in the past. Break up your routine with something different and you might open yourself up to some radical new styles!" Those of you that follow me via social media may have seen this image already, where I decided to #effyourbeautystandards.

I don't wear bright colours, but this time I went all out with my New Look Inspire Red High Waisted Jeans (£22.99) and this amazing rainbow top from Primark (£6) (it's see-through so I wore a vest top underneath). I've never worn high waisted anything before, considering I don't really have a waist...but I love these. They're generally very comfy and are a stretchy fabric, so even though they're skinny style they're not tight, though I do have a bit of an issue with the high waist when I sit down! So, as much as I love my darker clothes and comfy t-shirts (because that's my style, not because I'm hiding), it's good to know that I can rock the rainbow look too!

This week's discussion topic is: "Do you have some fatshion tips to share?" Well, it's not really my area of expertise, but I do have one thing to share that I learnt from the #psbloggers community - ignore labels! Learn your shape and try things on. I get a lot of things in Primark in a 20 when I'm a 22 - it might only be one size different, but before I had this mental block telling me that it wouldn't be worth even trying. I've also bought oversized things - for example, I bought an oversized top in H&M in a size 16 and it's still 'oversized style' on me. The other point I'd like to make is that if you need that size bigger, do it - don't cringe at the thought because 'the label says I'm size X'. At the end of the day shops and styles vary so much, it's just an indicator, and nobody's going to be staring at you thinking 'OMG she's a size X' - they really won't know, and even if they do, who cares! Everyone's body shape is different, I know people that are the same or similar size to me but we have completely different shapes and styles. Ok I'm rambling now aren't I? Just one more thing - I'd love it if you would share your fatshion tips with me!


  1. I love that top! I need to do #3 too, especially now Rachele has done #4. x x

    1. I'm loving Primark at the moment! Haha I'm so behind with everything, think I've almost caught up now though *looks at to-do list* err maybe not...! x

  2. You look great in the bright colors.