Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Outside My Comfort Zone #20

I recently posted on Twitter asking if there were any blog challenges I could participate in and was offered to join Outside My Comfort Zone (OMCZ) - I'm very excited to be taking part! This challenge is 'The Colour of Confidence' and was chosen by Vicky* who wrote: 'My theme is going to be 'The Colour of Confidence'.  For me, red is the colour of confidence and everything I wear it, be it lipstick or clothing; I feel an extra boost. What is your confidence colour?'

I have to admit I've really struggled with this, as I don't feel that there's a specific colour that makes me feel confident - my favourite colour is purple and perhaps that's my colour of confidence, but I don't tend to wear purple clothes. I umm'd and ahh'd and decided to just think about an outfit that makes me feel confident, and my date on Monday night gave me the perfect opportunity to dress up. I wore my New Look Inspire Blue Chiffon Ruffle Sleeve Dress (£19.99, sizes 18-28) and teamed it with a recent purchase, the Inspire version of this Black Sequin Fluffy Shrug (which isn't online anymore, but I'm pretty sure it was £19.99 and available in sizes 18-28, I only purchased it in store this week). I was going to say that my colour of confidence is green, but apparently it's blue!

I felt fantastic and, in case you're wondering, the date went very well ;)

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*Vicky is no longer taking part, in case you wonder where the link is!


  1. Lovely outfit Betty. Glad the date went well! x

  2. You look lovely, glad the date went well x

  3. You look stunning. I have that dress too. It is so beautiful and you are the perfect model for it. Let us know how it goes withyour date ;) xx

    1. Aww thank you :) it's a great dress! I'm eyeing up the burgundy version. The date went really well thanks :) x

  4. Hi, you look lovely as usual, I am so gutted that sequence shrug is not available online anymore, I may try to buy on Saturday because I need something in case in cold and the dress I am wearing is sleveless, did you get it in the NL in Picadilly or Oxford st? xx

    1. Thanks lovely! It's odd because it was and it's still in store, I got it in Wood Green but I would imagine Oxford St would have it. I'm wearing mine on Saturday though haha ;) x

  5. I love the outfit and glad the date went well xx

  6. Great outfit. It's a pitty that the shrug isn't available any more. :/

    ♡ Mel xoxo

    1. Thanks! :) I know, I'm not sure why as it's still in store :S x

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    1. Thanks lovely (and sorry for the delayed response)! x