Sunday, 22 December 2013

Curvissa Christmas Party

Images © Curvissa | Hi folks! I hope you're all enjoying the festive season and are ready for the big day. I expect a lot of you are partied out with Christmas do's already, or perhaps yours is still to come; either way, there's still New Year's Eve to look forward to! If you haven't picked that all important outfit yet, fashion brand Curvissa may be able to help; they've recently revealed the secrets of the office Christmas party via their research and a set of party stereotypes. Head on over to their site and see if you can spot yourself, or someone you know! I know I can recognise a few, thinking back to parties from the past (there's always a #2 about!).

Unfortunately Christmas do's aren't much of a thing for me now as I currently work part-time whilst studying and, although the office has a small gathering, it's usually when I'm working as I do the evening shift. Still, I did wear some reindeer antlers on my last shift before Christmas as my festive contribution!

According to the research results, the majority of Londoners (22%) take 15-30 minutes to get ready for their Christmas party...not me, if you include a shower I'm in the region of 60-90 minutes, and even then I still seem to be waiting for my friends!
A whopping 67% of women pay attention to what others are wearing at their Christmas party, and 97% don't regret wearing something festive themselves. It's evident from this that fashion plays a key part in Christmas parties and it's a great reason to get glammed up (I miss this a lot!). 

As I love any excuse to shop, I took a look to see which of Curvissa's Christmas party stereotypes I match up with. I think my closest match is #4 The Intern. I have, for Christmas do's past, spent a lot of time finding a dress and matching it with heels, accessories and make-up! I'm no less of a shopaholic now and would be unlikely to wear 'something from the wardrobe' for a party. With this in mind, I headed over to Curvissa's website to show you what I would've worn to a Christmas do this year...

I absolutely adore this Evening Wrap Dress (£59.00, Sizes 14-32)! It's a classic LBD and would definately be wearable again. I love the flattering shape and wrap detail, which is why I'd choose it for my Christmas party dress; pair it with a gorgeous necklace (such as the pictured Pendant Necklace, £12.00), some heels, a clutch bag and off you go! Plain dresses are also great to team with the current trend of statement necklaces. *Sigh* perhaps someone can invite me out post New Year?! ;) hope you all enjoy/enjoyed your parties! TTFN!

Written in collaboration with Curvissa

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