Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Outside My Comfort Zone #22

Hi folks! This challenge is 'Work Wear' and was chosen by Hollie (of Pretty Big Butterflies) who wrote: 'Work wear is so boring and I have to spend 9 hours a day in an office! Show me how to spice up work wear in whatever way you can. I want to look smart / casual but still fashionable! It's so easy to hide behind a desk but I want to walk through the office in style. Come on ladies, show me your sexy secretary look or your quirky call centre attire! Can't wait for the inpiration! :)'

Despite having seldomly worked anywhere with an even remotely strict dress code (even though I work in administration), workwear is something I feel I 'know' about or can at least make suggestions on in confidence. Although I tend to wear jeans and a t-shirt for work and make little effort, office 'smart chic' is one of my favourite looks and I'm a huge fan of power dressing (I look forward to the day when it's actually appropriate for me to wear a suit). The following aren't really examples of that as such, but of smart-casual looks I've worn in the past that I think would make appropriate workwear...

Images © Big Fat Betty (Above) and New Look (Left) | Notice a theme? In all bar one I'm wearing a cardigan or blazer. It's not really common to have bare arms (or not entirely) in my line of work. Asides from the added warmth for this time of year, adding a cardigan or blazer means that you can wear items that you wouldn't normally wear to work (a vest top, for example), thus giving you more options without having an 'exclusive' work wardrobe. I've also pieced together an outfit from my favourite store, New Look; items #1 and #3 are available in other colours and the shoes (#5) are also available in black.

#1 Inspire Black Sleeveless Wrap Top, £14.99 (Sizes 18-28)
#2 Inspire 31in Black PVL Tailored Trousers, £19.99 (Sizes 18-32)
#3 Inspire Bright Red Waffle Textured Blazer, £17.24 (Sizes 18-28)
#4 Gold Chain Sleek Torque Necklace, £5.99
#5 Extra Wide Fit Dark Red Patent Toe Chain Trim Court Shoes, £22.99 (Sizes 3-8)

NB: Prices as displayed online on 10 December 2013 

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  1. I love the 4th outfit best. That dress is lovely. x

  2. Love this. I like the belt in pic 1 and the design on numner 4 is gorgeous. Great outfit ideas. :)


    1. Thanks! I've had that belt for donkeys years haha, it was from Evans originally. I need more wide belts! Used to have loads but don't know what I did with them. The dress is from Primark :) x

  3. I love your work wear and they are all outfits I would happily wear to work x

  4. Looking fab girll!! The fourth look is so mee! The print is beautiful xo

    1. Thanks hun! The dress is from Primark x

  5. Everyone seems to be agreeing on the fourth outfit. So do I. Love it. I could wear that to work anyday. Also like your red blazer:) You look great. xx

    1. Yes they do haha! The dress is from Primark :) thank you x

  6. Some fab choices, I'm hoping to get a better office wardobe in the new year, I've always worked places with smart casual dress codes but lately I feel a bit scruffy or a bit too out there with what i've been wearing, I'm hoping to go more smart than casual in the new year x

    1. Sorry lovely I completely forgot to reply to this! I'm kinda looking forward to going back to full-time employment when I finish uni mainly for the dress code haha, just hope it's not *too* smart x