Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Event: Plus Size Market

Images © Mookie (of Mookie's Life), L-R: Charlotte (of Black Heart Creatives), me and Mookie (of Mookie's Life); Carmen, Mookie (of Mookie's Life) and I; Miranda (Owner/Founder of Club Indulge) and Carmen, Mookie (of Mookie's Life), Miranda (Owner/Founder of Club Indulge), Leah (of Just Me Leah) and Debz (of Wannabe Princess) |  I am rather late with writing about this (and a lot of other things), oops! On Saturday 14 December I attended the Plus Size Christmas Market in North London, organised by Club Indulge. It was held at the 3 Oceans in North Finchley which was a lovely venue; the market was in the basement and there was a bar upstairs on the ground floor.

Entry to the event was £2 per person (with free mince pies and other snacks) and I paid £10 to have a stall, which went towards the cost of hiring the venue. I had a very generously sized table and Miranda (Owner/Founder of Club Indulge) also very kindly lent me a clothes rail. I'd brought so much with me though that I filled the space with ease!

After flitting about and generally getting in the way, I set up next to Mookie (of Mookie's Life) and Carmen. These lovely ladies kept me company throughout the afternoon along with Mookie's partner. Leah (of Just Me Leah) and her partner who joined us later on. Debz (of Wannabe Princess) also popped in for a browse and I also caught up with Anita Bellamy (of Plus Confidence in You) who was selling some lovely items of clothing.

Although there weren't masses of people selling items like you'd see at a car boot (for example), there was a great selection and plenty to be swapped and/or sold. In addition to the plus size ladies that had brought their clothing and accessories to pass on, there was also new lingerie, jewellery (shout out to the awesome Black Heart Creatives!) and a range of beauty treatments available. There was also a Costa just across the road, bonus!

Unfortunately the market wasn't very well attended, I don't know the exact numbers but I'm guessing I saw about 10 people max who didn't have stalls/were with a friend who had a stall. I only sold a couple of items but at least covered my costs for the day, which I know many did not and this can be off-putting to people to try again.

I did still enjoy myself and I'm glad that I went, but I had thought that this would have been of interest to a lot of people so I am still a little puzzled as to why people didn't attend. Not anyone's fault at all, these things can't be helped and we (or rather the people that put on these great events) can only keep trying.


  1. It was lovely to meet you! Hopefully it won't be long until the next time. :) x

    1. You too! Fingers crossed :) I will come to the Lakeside meet if I'm not working but it hasn't been confirmed either way yet x

  2. oh my god I wish I knew about it! I'm a london lady myself and would of jumped at the chance to attend! Would of got myself a little stall too! Will be heading over to club indulge in the hopes of not missing out next time!


    Lucie xx

    Fatbeautyx // Youtube

    1. Toodaloo Katie has organised a couple since, I'm sure there'll be more :) but always worth checking out Club Indulge, you should come to one of the club nights it's great fun! x