Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Outside My Comfort Zone #31

I'm on time for once! This challenge is 'Sitting Down' and was chosen by Stephanie (of Seeing Spots) who wrote: 'As a fat woman i'm expected to stand up, breathe in and generally blend into the background. It's my birthday today and I fancy a sit down and I'd like to ask all my fellow plus size bloggers to sit down. Wear what every you like but post a photo of yourself sat down.'

So, here I am, sat down at work (where I spend most of the time sat down, though usually behind a desk). I absolutely detest having my photo taken sat down, I just lose all my confidence and feel like I look like a blob. I'm not sure I'll ever like the way I look sat down as much as standing up. This is a lot of the reason why I lack confidence in the bedroom department also, but hey that's another kettle of fish! I feel alright about this photo though, I mean I've seen worse. I've come a long way in the body acceptance/love department, but it's still an ongoing journey.

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  1. We all look different when we sit down. Even slim people have a bit of a different shape when they're sitting down. If you think about it, we're bent in half so it's no surprise we look different. ;) x x

  2. Good for you. You look lovely! :)