Sunday, 30 November 2014

Review: Colour Collection
Glasses with SpecsPost

Hi folks. The fabulous team at SpecsPost have very kindly gifted me a pair of glasses from their new Colour Collection range to review. The funky new range comes in a variety of colours and prices start at £18.99 including standard lenses. I opted for 'clear red' and prescription lenses, which I was relieved to find wasn't complicated at all; I just had to obtain my prescription from my Optician and send a photo of it to the Specspost team. Usually I'd go for a pink or purple colour, but as my main glasses are purple I thought I'd try something different. Please excuse my fringe, I need a hair cut...!

I have quite a chubby face (like a hamster) and small eyes but I think they look quite cute, what do you think? They are comfortable, though feel a little odd to me to begin with as the glasses that I am used to are much smaller. I always receive compliments when I wear them and it's nice for me to wear something that's a little 'different' to my usual style/colour choice.

I had hoped to pair them with a bit of red in my outfit, but realised I don't actually own anything bar a couple of burgundy things that you've probably seen already! So, all black it is. I'm wearing a jersey dress from Marisota (similar here and here), Primark leggings (£3.00) and my JD Williams boots (review and further info here).

You may remember I previously reviewed some sunglasses from Specspost; I can honestly say that they've come up trumps in customer service, quality and price again and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from them in the future. In fact, I can now see why some folk have several pairs of glasses; it's quite addictive!

What colour would you choose?


  1. You look lovely and not at all like a hamster ;-P
    Think green ones would also look awesome.

    1. Haha thank you :) ooh yes green! I used to wear green a lot, I don't know why I stopped.