Thursday, 12 March 2015

Event: LondonEdge
with Voodoo Vixen

On Sunday 1 February I was invited to attend LondonEdge as a VIP guest of Voodoo Vixen. LondonEdge is best described as an alternative fashion tradeshow, held twice each year in London. Voodoo Vixen had invited several bloggers to represent their brand, gifting each a dress from their range and a free pass to the Sunday daytime and after party events. I chose the Marita in a 4XL, which is a gorgeous blue-green colour with a martini glass print.

I bumped into Abi en route; it was good to see a familiar face and we made our way to the venue together (Kensington Olympia). When we arrived, we made our way to the Hair & Make-up Stand to collect our dresses and then got changed in the toilets. We were told that we had to pick up our dresses by 2pm, and rather than arrive 'extra' early (knowing it'd be a long day) I opted to risk missing the Bloggers Talk by arriving later. I was able to catch the end of it to take a few photos.

I was a bit disappointed that there weren't enough goodie bags for everyone in attendance, meaning myself and a few other bloggers missed out...but at the end of the day, I wasn't there for the freebies.

Hair styling and make-up was provided by professionals courtesy of Voodoo Vixen; thanks Nicola (hair) and Sofia (make-up) for finishing my look! Victory rolls are becoming a firm favourite of mine.

Caption (Above): My Outfit (Dress: Marita from Voodoo Vixen, £63.99 | Necklace: Custom Made by Black Heart Creatives | Shoes: Wide Fit Black T-Bar Pumps from New Look, £19.99)

Now, the dress. Voodoo Vixen have recently changed their sizing and a 4XL is supposedly a 26. This is, to be blunt, completely off; there is very little chance that this dress would fit a size 26, given that I'm usually a size 22 in dresses. All I can say is go by the measurements (a 4XL is a 51" bust and 46.5" waist). I found it to be slightly baggy around the chest and shoulders, but I do have a small chest (42B to be precise).

The dress is currently available directly from Voodoo Vixen in 1XL-3XL for £63.99 and from Simply Be in L-4XL for £64.99. Asides from the sizing issue, it's a lovely quality dress. I think I'll wear it without the belt next time though as it draws unnecessary attention to my waist (and I don't have a small one!).

Caption (Above): Abi of A is for Abi

Caption (Above): Bloggers Talk by Kat of Rock 'n' Roll Bride

Caption (Above): Bloggers Talk, Another View

Caption (Above): Dresses from Voodoo Vixen

Caption (Above): (More) Dresses from Voodoo Vixen

The after party was held at the Gem Bar in Soho, where we were given complimentary drinks and there were various forms of entertainment throughout the night. I really loved the venue and there was plenty of space to sit, chat and mingle. I should also mention that free transport to the venue in Soho was provided in the form of a traditional London bus; not very fat girl friendly in terms of seating, but a fun novelty none the less!

Caption (Above): Fellow Fabulous Plus Size Bloggers at the After Party (Kelly of Adventures of a Riot Grrrl, Chrissy of Dainty in Doc Martens, Hannah of Fabulously Fat Fashion and Chiara, Model)

Caption (Above): Sam of Feeling Flabulous and Chiara

Caption (Above): Abi and Katie of Toodaloo Katie

Caption (Above): Sarah of Plus Size & Proud

Caption (Above): Faith of Music and Eyeliner

As you can see, the day provided an excellent opportunity for me to try out my new DSLR. Chiara also very kindly took some photos at the after party, and Abi snapped my outfit in front of the LondonEdge display stand. For someone using basic settings and a limited knowledge of Photoshop, I think I did pretty well!

Overall it was a long but enjoyable day. It was great to see the Voodoo Vixen collection in the flesh and they certainly took great care of us all. It was equally lovely to meet some bloggers that I hadn't met before, as well as some familiar faces. I only wish I had planned my time more carefully so I could have spent more time looking at the other brands that were exhibiting and made use of a business card or two (I bought 50 in a panic and didn't use any!).

I'm keen to try some of the other Voodoo Vixen dresses in the future, I just hope that a 4XL will fit.


  1. The dress is very pretty and I love your hair and make-up. Looks like a fun day! x

  2. You look so pretty and I love your hair. It seemed like such a fun day out. Wish I could have made it. :) xx

    1. Thanks lovely! It was a great day. Wish you had been there x

  3. Fantastic photos, everyone looks so beautiful in their uber cute dresses!

    C xx

    1. Thanks, first DSLR outing paid off! x