Wednesday, 15 April 2015

International Plus Size
Fashion Wish List

As with most blogger challenges I've done in the past, I'm a wee bit late in posting this; sorry folks! Anyhoo, this is the 'International Wish List Blogger Challenge' (as suggested by Debz); myself and other plus size bloggers have shared their wish lists from international (non-UK, in other words) plus size fashion brands. Some may have included multiple brands but I'm personally focusing on one, else I could be here forever! I've chosen Eloquii, as I've been in awe of their products for quite some time but they unfortunately don't ship to the UK.

L-R: Printed Kady Fit Pant (PC: 1150050), $89.90
Two Tone Printed Dress (PC: 1231355), $119.90
Lace Jacket (PC: 1270919), $159.90
Printed Soft Midi Skirt (PC: 1191171), $110.90
Classic Chambray Shirt (PC: 1060700), $69.90
Laser Cut Scuba Skirt (PC: 1191337), $99.90
Studio Floral Eyelet Midi (PC: 1191206), $134.90
Printed Scuba Midi Skirt (PC: 1191270), $89.90
Studio Mesh Pleated Skirt (PC: 1191100), $110.90
Studio Eyelet Midi (PC: 1191017), $179.90

Eloquii's main size range goes from a US14 to US24; exactly what that equates to in UK sizing depends on which website you're reading at the time (some say 16-26, others say 18-28) so I'd always recommend checking the size chart before ordering...not that we can anyway (unless you have a US friend), but you get what I mean ;)

I see a lot of US bloggers styling Eloquii's items and they always look fabulous.

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  1. Mmmmm..... those 50s skirts .... wants!

    C xx