Thursday, 30 April 2015

Outside My Comfort Zone #2

Hi folks. I've rejoined the OMCZ challenge as I enjoyed it previously and I'm hoping it'll motivate me to post more frequently. Having said that, as per usual I procrastinated and didn't get round to taking photos for this post, so I've 'made' it with stock images instead. This theme is a Shopping Outfit: "The next theme has more of an open feeling to it. No specific items or patterns to showcase. Just show us what you'd wear to go shopping. This is inspired by the Shopping Trip to Birmingham organised by Nikki . Knowing what to wear on a shopping trip in the colder months can be a challenge. You want to be warm enough when you're outside but as soon as you go inside it's too hot. What do you wear? Maybe it's your PJ's for a midnight dash to the supermarket or maybe it's full on glam? Or somewhere in between."

I actually went shopping last Saturday with some of my favourite fat babes, but taking a snap of my outfit was obviously too sensible for me to do! I've got 101 blog pics to take that I've not yet got round to as well, so I figured it'd be almost as good and a lot easier to just show you what I wore with images from the respective companies. Ok, so I didn't actually wear a necklace, but my pink glittery one came today and I felt the need to include it...

L-R: ASOS Curve Ridley Skinny Jean in Acid Wash, £18.00 (sizes 18-28)

Nicky Rockets Invasion of the Killer Curves Slash Neck Tee, £7.00 (sizes S-5X)
New Look Wide Fit Black Bow Front Ballet Pumps, £9.99 (size 8 left only)
Black Heart Creatives Fat Babe Necklace, £15.00-£18.50

I also took my old faithful New Look Inspire faux leather jacket with me, but it stayed in my rucksack as the weather was lovely! I like to be comfortable when shopping and I use a ruck sack pretty much all the time day-to-day now; it just makes things a lot easier and it also means that if I do buy anything I'm not lugging it about.

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  1. I love your choices and that you still took part without your own pictures. I'm so bad at forgetting to ask people to take pictures for me and end up with mirror selfies 9 out of ten times xx

    1. Thanks lovely! I had my usual moment of "oh sugar I've forgotten to take pics for this post due TODAY" again and then had a brainwave! Get a tripod ;) x