Wednesday, 1 April 2015

SS15 Novelty Bags Wish List

I have a confession to make, I'm developing a slight addiction to novelty bags; and what better way to support said addiction than compiling a wish list?! There's oodles of novelty bags available at the moment but these are some of my favourites from Next, ASOS, ALDO, Accessorize and New Look (I've listed the product codes below so you should be able to find them easily, just copy and paste into the relevant site's search bar).

I've only got two at the moment (the chocolate coin from New Look pictured below and the Accessorize camera bag that was on sale just after Christmas; it looks like the one below but I'm not sure if it's the same one or not) but I'm pretty sure it's not going to stay that way for long, particularly as I see so many bloggers rocking them with their outfit posts. Some of the bags I've included below may not necessarily be classed as novelty bags, but they're cute all the same. I think the Drumstick bag from Next is my favourite! What's yours?


L-R: Next Pink Perfume Clutch Bag (PC: 945-726), £28.00
Next Postcard Clutch Bag (PC: 907-522), £25.00
Next Drumstick Hard Clutch Bag (PC: 695-261), £32.00
Next Grey Face Clutch Bag (PC: 695-245), £16.00
ASOS Skinnydip Unicorn Tears Novelty Across Body Bag (PC: 635608), £28.00
New Look Yellow Lemon Clutch (PC: 340243985), £12.99

Accessorize Apple Juice Bag (PC: 7897920100), £29.00
Accessorize Cara Camera Bag (PC: 7894130100), £29.00
Accessorize Watermelon Across Body Bag (PC: 7892367000), £29.00
Accessorize Embellished Pineapple Across Body Bag (PC: 7892409800), £35.00
ASOS Robot Cross Body Bag (PC: 570653), £18.00
New Look Red and Green Watermelon Clutch (340248969), £12.99

ALDO Kasslin, sold out
ALDO Paragould, sold out
ASOS Skinnydip Crunch Clutch (PC: 630130), £25.00
ASOS Party Ring Cross Body Bag (PC: 570647), £18.00
ASOS Peach Cross Body Bag (PC: 570662), £18.00
New Look Yellow Banana Clutch (PC: 334215985), £12.99

ASOS ALDO "That's So...2014" Novelty Across Body Bag (PC: 562994), £24.00
ASOS Playing Cards Novelty Cross Body (PC: 611195), £20.00
ASOS Skinnydip Lips Clutch Bag (PC: 630145), £26.00
ASOS SKinnydip Chips Box Clutch (PC: 630131), £40.00
ASOS Popsicle Across Body Bag (PC: 570649), £18.00
New Look Orange Fruit Clutch (PC: 340255680), £12.99

ASOS Robot Clutch Bag (PC: 570616), £20.00
ASOS Skinnydip POP Perspex Clutch Bag (PC: 630138), £40.00
ASOS Moo Milk Essentials Bag (PC: 582347), £15.00
New Look Shell Pink Champagne Bottle Clutch (PC: 328736772), £7.00
New Look Gold Chocolate Coin Clutch (PC: 325506793), £2.00
New Look Red Strawberry Clutch (PC: 334214260), £12.99


  1. That peach bag is gorgeous xx I saw a unicorn bag once but can't remember where - I wish I'd bought it!!

    1. Yes same here! I think it was either ASOS or New Look x

  2. Oh my word I had my eye on some of these now my lust list has just gone crazy! Robot bags how can I not......

  3. Oh my god you're killing me with this post! I want so many!!

  4. I'm really impressed with all the Next ones. This post is bad for me though....I have a novelty bag addiction! x

    1. I was surprised that Next do them, didn't think it'd be their 'thing'. I love the Drumstick bag but it's a tad pricey for what I'd normally spend on a bag (bargain hunter). Hehe sorry ;) x