Monday, 15 February 2016


Long time no blog! Something lighthearted and fun, for a change. A group of fellow fat babes and I, my galentines if you will, got together to arrange a loveswap for Valentine's Day. I haven't done a swap in a while (if ever, actually!) and I was keen to participate in this one, it being a difficult time of year for me for multiple reasons plus these babes are my bread and butter; I literally couldn't be without them and it's nice share things with them.

I held off opening mine until Valentine's Day itself, a fact I'm quite pleased of as I usually have zero will power or patience when it comes to these things! We'd agreed to put a card in so that people could find out who their swap/gifter was if they wanted to, although to be fair I think we all want(ed) to know anyway, plus I knew who mine was thanks to the preloved jiffy bag (you silly sausage lol!).

Anyway, how flippin' awesome are these?! Thank you my dear, you know me so well! I really hope that my loveswap is pleased with what I got her. Take a look at everyone else's blogs below to see what they got; I'm looking forward to finding out (we've not told each other)!

Daisy: http://daisysays.co.uk/
Kathryn (KK): http://www.misskathrynsmisstakes.co.uk/
Kathryn (MoG): http://murderofgoths.co.uk/
Katt: http://www.fatgirlforlife.co.uk/
Kitty/Kelly: http://www.adventuresofariotgrrrl.com/
Nikki: http://www.nattynikki.com/
Sarah: https://plussizeproud.co.uk/
Sophie: http://www.busylittlefee.com/
Tanya: http://www.secretplussizegoddess.com/


  1. Your stuff is adorable. Neeeeed that cup!

    1. I wondered if you had said anything as I was squeeing at them all in New Look lol! x

  2. That cup is too awesome I love it x

  3. Love you! Yes I realised about the bag a few hours after posting, d'oh!